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Wild + Tame - Seasonal Tisane

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Wild & Tame is a collaboration between two old friends who share a love for the outdoors, slow goods, and tea.

Wild Farmatory is a sustainable forest farm run by Jesse Moore in Monson, MA, utilizing natural farming techniques and chemical-free methods of land cultivation and soil preservation. Homegrown and hand-harvested, our herbs are natives that Jesse Stewards or intentional Pollinator plants cultivated with care.

Each ingredient is fomulated at CroseNest Apothecary in Hudson Ma where herbalist and owner

Kinsey Rosene thoughtfully combines the years harvest to best support your wellness.

We Hope You enjoy!

Be Well/ Immune Support:

White Pine, Holy Basil, Anise Hyssop, Mullein,  Boneset

Be Nice/ Mood Support

Motherwort, Lemon Balm, Wild Mint, Chamomile, Wild Bergamot 

Be Calm/Sleep Support

Hops, Mugwort, Blue Vervain, Wild Mint, Skullcap


Each Spring we will release new blends based on the years harvest ! Your jar can be refilled with the years harvest at a 20% discount.