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Vice Tea

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Life is all about balance, right? Wo when you find yourself embibing in a little too much play, Vice Tea is here to save the day! 

All organic herbs are blended together to gently sooth your woes and help you body bounce back-you've got this.


Dinner Party: for when you ate all the things and your belly is weak

Peppermint Fennel Burdock Rt. Chamomile Plantain Calendula Licorice Rt.

After Party: when that final drink last night ain't sittin right

Lemon Balm, Skullcap, Dandelion Rt. Burdock Rt. Ginger Rt. Spearmint Licorice Rt.. Chamomile

House Party: You did both, didn't you. 

Holy Basil Skullcap Fennel, Chamomile Burdock Rt. Dandelion Rt. Ginger Rt. Licorice Rt.



Each packet includes 4 servings of tea and a reusavble cotton tea bag !