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Signature Sip Kits

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Sip Flavors

Enjoy a unique beverage with one of our signature Sip Kits. Each bottle has been prepared with a mix of botanicals and herbs, and is awaiting your alcohol-of-choice for a delicious herbal infusion. Perfect for a nightcap, cheer shared, or gifting.

Blood Moon: Blackberry, chili, damiana, thyme sprig, hibiscus, blood orange

Citrus Basil Gin: Juniper berry, Holy basil (tulsi), amaranth, orange peel

Smoked Grapefruit & Sage: smoke sugar, grapefruit, sage, allspice, botanical sprig

Aurora: Lemon balm, lemongrass, rose, butterfly pea flower, licorice root, calendula, lavender sprig

Maple Lime Blossom: Maple sugar, kefir lime leaf, rose buds, botanical sprig