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Elements Truffles

Rose Drinking Chocolate

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Looking to add some romance to your drinking chocolate? Look no further than our Rose Hot Chocolate Mix. This luxurious blend of rich chocolate flakes and delicate rose petals creates a decadent and mood-enhancing drink that's perfect for any occasion. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, including pure Ecuadorian cacao and earthy cardamom, this hot chocolate mix is a treat for all your senses. Plus, it can be enjoyed hot or chilled, making it a versatile and delicious option all year round. Experience the blissful combination of sweet rose and rich chocolate, and let the warmth of this sacred drink envelop you in love and beauty. Of course, like everything else from Elements, this drinking chocolate is free from dairy, refined sugar, soy, lecithin, sugar alcohols, natural flavors, gluten or absolutely anything artificial. Cacao Origin: Ecuador (Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Organic) Net Wt: 113 gms (4oz)