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Solar Noon Botanicals

Reset Ritual body oil

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Herbal body oiling is an amazing ritual that many people aren't very familiar with.  Herbal oils are created by infusing the oil with whole plants, resulting in a product with potent medicinal properties that absorb directly into the body via our largest organ - the skin. 

The act of gentle massage moves lymphatic fluid throughout the body helping to improve blood circulation, relax muscles and ease joint stiffness. The nervous system also benefits greatly from the use of herbal body oils which in turn helps reduce stress and anxiety. Not all herbal oils are created equal. We use a special infusion method that extracts as much of the beneficial compounds from the plants as possible, resulting in a shelf-stable oil with vibrant green color. 

Key Ingredients Lemon Balm - Is a calming and soothing herb that brightens the spirits. It is also known to help tone and revitalize the skin. Rose - The best herb for opening our hearts and uplifting our moods.