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Refuge for the Renegade

R4R Home Spa collection: Natural Cork Compress | Natural & Organic Heat Therapy

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R4R Home Spa Collection: Natural Organic Cork Compress for Hot / Cold Therapy

Take your spa home with you today. Now you can enjoy the aroma of fresh lavender flowers with this R4R therapeutic compress in your own home.

Each hot / cold compress is filled with Organic flaxseeds and lavender flowers. This compress can be used as a warm / hot therapy or for cold therapy.
Cotton muslin case with sewn in channel for optimal even pressure.

Easy to use:
Just place your compress in towel microwave for 40-to 45 seconds
or 10 minutes in a towel warmer. Heating compress stays warm for up to 2hrs.
Also can be used as a cold compress when placed in cooler for 10 - 15 mins.

Heat compress, take towel bag off and drape compress over sore muscles and aching joints. The R4R therapeutic compress can also be rolled back up and used under the neck for the ease of tension from headaches, as well as neck and shoulder pain.

This compress is recommended to be used heated or chilled due to the materials the compress is made of, consisting of natural and organic cork oak fabric. eco-friendly & sustainable
Did you know that if we invested in harvesting more Cork oak trees, we could literally solve our world's 🌎 global warming problem.

The perfect at Home spa experience
Therapeutic Compress 7.5"W / 13.5"L

R4R Home Spa collection: Therapeutic Compress ®