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Original Flower Tea Sampler Kit(8ea)

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Original Flower Tea sampler kit Composed of 1 flower tea of 8 types [Original Flower Tea Sample kit l Made in Korea] Original Flower Tea sample Kit is a sample pack with various flower teas, is recommended for those who want to taste various flavors of original flower tea. [Original Flower tea Sample kit] Detailed description (Composed of 1 flower tea of 8 types) It is the best flower tea to experience the original flower tea. Experience 8 different colors and flavors of original flower tea. A variety of flower teas will give you a special tea drinking experience. taste no.1 : Marigold taste no.2 : Cherry blossom taste no.3 : Siberian chrysanthemum taste no.4 : Cockscomb taste no.5 : Magnolia kobus taste no.6 : Chrysanthemum taste no.7 : Acacia taste no.8 : Mugwort *Package Size 15cm x 22cm x 6.5cm ※ To prevent damage and contamination during delivery, providing sealing package and safely shipping with cushioning material in the box.