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Refuge for the Renegade

Linen Flaxseed Pillows | All Natural and Organic Compress | Inhale and Exhale

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R4R Linen Flaxseed Eye Pillows | Natural and Organic | Inhale and Exhale | yoga meditation calm Relaxation

Relax and rest your eyes with these organic linen flaxseed eye pillows. Our Flaxseed eye pillows are all hand made and filled with organic flaxseeds, jasmine rice
and Organic Elder flowers


All natural sinus
pressure /
tension relief
stress relief
Sleep / restlessness
Deep breathing

Inhale & Exhale breathing the aromatherapy as it soothes the mind
Our organically grown elder flowers, aroma will help calm, de stress, release
tension and ensue relaxation.

Use warmth for tension / relaxation and enjoy the soothing aromatherapy 🌼
It's great and easy to bring to your yoga and meditation sessions.

How to use: Microwave for 30 seconds to warm. safe to heat up to 45 seconds.

Eye Pillow Dimensions : 9"L x 3"W
Fabric : Natural Organic Linen / 100% Linen
Ingredients : Organic golden brown Flaxseeds, Jasmine Rice, Dried Organic Elder flowers