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Herb + Myth X Not Sorry Kit

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This kit is intended to compliment the Herb + Myth series hosted by Not Sorry Productions!
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Kit includes 8 herbal tarot teas, tools for brewing the perfect cup, a tarot art print with a custom tarot spread for each of the Major Arcana cards discussed + surprise altar items !


these kits will ship early January in time for class! 


if you need a deck for class, you can grab one here


Cards + Herbs featured in this Series 

Chamomile meets The Fool

Schisandra meets The Magician

Gotu Kola meets The High Priestess

Motherwort meets The Empress

Echinacea meets The Emperor

Gingko meets The Hierophant

Damiana meets The Lovers



 please be mindful of allergies, medical conditions, or contraindications with all herbal teas. We do not recommend consuming medicinal herbs without consulting a medical professional when pregnant, nursing or on prescription medications.