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Black Creek Botanicals

Hearth Fire Ritual Body Oil

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100mL This is a very special oil infused with the mystical, locally grown plants of bay laurel, saffron, and immortelle, and combined with fragrant, rich essential oils. The hearth fire represents the ordinary yet sacred temple of the home. Of primal needs being met, and more; it is a source of light and warmth, a place of gathering, sharing, eating, of creative fire, abundance, sensuality in all senses of the word… Anointing the body with fragrant oil is an act of sweet, mindful care, respect, and a splash of necessary indulgence. May the spirit of these precious plants infused in this oil nourish the hearth fire of your body, your sacred vessel that carries you everywhere in life. ingredients: olive oil infused with saffron, immortelle & bay laurel, vitamin e oil, rosemary co2, propolis extract, and essential oils of clove, bay laurel & oakmoss