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Earthling Herbal Tisane

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Flavor Notes: Fennel, Berry, Ginger, Roots

Earthling is an Herbal Tisane formulated to support your Immunity with added benefits of nutrient dense herbs like Nettle and birdock and digestive supportive herbs like fennel and Helichrysium. This power-house blend utilizes the benefits of Elderflower, Ashwaghanda and Elecampane to support your system at time of exposure, illness, or stress. And it tastes good doing it! Since we have to walk around in these ol' bods, may as well take care of them ;).

All Organic: Ashwaghanda, Elecampane, Nettle, Burdock, Fennel, Helichysium, Elderflower, Sumac Berry, Ginger.


Brewing Ritual: Infuse 1 Tbsp : 8-10 oz water, for hot brew steep 10+ min, for cold brew steep 6+ hours

Includes reusable cotton tea bag, approx. 24 servings